Contact Information About Mister Dee In 2020 I officially became a senior citizen. I’ve observed that when people get older - and for some it is too late - they realize they don’t want more money or things; what they want is more time. Time to be with family, or perhaps to smell the spring blossoms or to grow a garden. And some want more time to help their community, to contribute to something bigger than themselves, while they still can. It turns out that one of the more useful lifelong skills I have developed is the ability to explain. I’ve worked a variety of jobs where I was needed to convey information and skills to other people, but not as a school teacher. That began to change in 1986 when I began a three year path toward earning my college degree and educator’s licenses (1989 NH-VT). Since then I’ve worked in elementary, middle and high schools; in self-contained classrooms and special education cubicles; and now in private homes and libraries as a tutor for a few local youngsters (math and reading, primarily). Check out my resume here . My first paid teaching position was as a middle school photography teacher. I wasn’t yet licensed, but I was given a waiver because of my previous work-related instructing experience and my background in computer graphics, photography, and video production. Creating visual art became a hobby of mine, and I’ve since branched out into writing feature length screenplays and producing documentary videos. The screenplays didn’t sell, and though the videos were satisfying to make and watch (for me, at least), most viewers would agree that it was a good thing that I kept my day jobs. As fate would have it, I live during an era of quickly evolving technology that is providing a way to teach many more students, even those from miles away: the Internet. Thus, I have decided to combine my ability to make digital films and my ability to teach; I will produce short, streaming video on demand (SVOD) “mini-lessons.” I’ve further decided that my web site’s first videos would be offered without charge on Channel Alpha , my first (and, so far, only) channel. About the Notebook Projector Method The Notebook Projector Method (NPM) is my name for the mix of styles and methods I use when teaching math. NPM stresses the use of a graph paper notebook for math students from grade four through high school. NPM requires vigorous note-taking and practice, and it can be integrated with other styles of teaching, such as cooperative and experiential learning. NPM videos will use consistent techniques and routines to optimize student-viewers’ ability to learn. The playback features of streaming video - pause, rewind, and replay - mean that student-viewers can learn at their own pace. You can view the press release here: Press Release May, 2020
The Notebook Projector Method
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