THE NOTEBOOK PROJECTOR METHOD NPM-CHANNEL ALPHA INFORMATION SHEET May, 2020 Star And Seegull Alternatives is pleased to announce the release of The   Notebook   Projector Method's (NPM) first SVOD (streaming video on demand) instructional channel, NPM- Channel   Alpha. Channel Alpha will offer students and parents tutorial videos, handy math documents, and educational commentary, all for free. The goal is to help students who are struggling to learn during this time of difficulty (COVID-19; May, 2020). The lessons are taught by Mister Dee, an alter ego of Frank D'Aprile. As a classroom teacher he combined NPM with an instructional program that addressed VARK learning preferences (Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, Kinesthetic) and followed daily routines meant to instill confidence in students. Remote teaching via the internet can never equal the quality of in- person instruction, but NPM Channel Alpha hopes to present student viewers with lessons that are clear, to the point, and that use a consistent methodology to help develop skills and understanding. You can find links to the videos and more information about NPM at: *********************************************** NPM-Channel Alpha will offer a variety of shows “How-To”   episodes   - will explain and demonstrate simple study skills to improve student participation with the videos. Students will be encouraged to develop an organized and useful notebook while working at their own speed. The Channel Alpha “Nuts and Bolts” episode can be found at: Mister    Dee    Math    Tutorials    - will offer mini-lessons that address one or more specific problems or concepts that fit (generally) into one of three levels: Level 1 will offer shows that are aimed at fifth and sixth graders Level 2 will cover topics common to grades seven and eight, including pre-algebra Level 3 will cover algebra, geometry, and consumer math topics *********************************************** Additional shows concerning math and language instruction will be developed. To be placed on the mailing list, please send an email to
The Notebook Projector Method
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